Strategy and Planning

If you are new to public relations and content marketing, or simply don’t have the time to devote to building a sound strategy and plan, we suggest you start with our Strategy and Planning Services.   All of our strategy and planning services start with a brainstorm to identify your business goals, your target audience and your strengths in marketing.

  • Public Relations Plan: Determining the right mix of publicity programs should be based on your existing company assets.  Codey will evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses to determine your “white space,” or your unique differentiator.  We will then develop a customized PR plan that includes a content strategy editorial roadmap designed to garner maximum publicity, while increasing search engine ranking.
  • Content Strategy Roadmap:  Once we have built a solid marketing plan, the next step is build a content marketing action plan that aligns with the goals, including keywords so prospects will be able to find your company online. As part of this service we will map out a 6 month content marketing calendar and program recommendation — specifically highlighting ideas tailored to support your marketing goals