Sites that deliver a quality user experience in the form of quality content are awarded with better search engine rankings. Our team of expert writers know how to craft compelling content that help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Our content services include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Direct Response Landing Pages
  • Web Content
  • Survey/Case Study Impact Report
  • Slideshows

Blog Posts

Whether your goal is to build subscribers, establish a presence as an industry expert, sell products or purely to gain search engine ranking, blog posts are a great way to get in front of your target audience and on social media platforms. Our team of writers and researchers can produce a steady flow of personable, timely and informative posts and publish them on your behalf. Unlike other blog posts, our posts are optimized on your key words and come complete with key word density analysis, title tags and meta descriptions so your posts are not only informative, but also help earn you valuable search engine ranking.

Direct Response Landing Pages

Our direct response landing pages are designed to encourage customers to take action – whether that’s buying a product, calling a number, filling out a contact form, or capturing contact information for a mailing list. This is a high impact sales page designed to get people to generate sales.

These landing pages are critical for companies doing PPC campaigns. Clicks cost money — conversions make fortunes. Improving landing pages is one of the fastest and most effective ways to drastically improve ROI on PPC campaigns.

Web Content

The goal of online marketing is to lead readers to your website. Once they get there, however, it’s up to the website’s content to captivate and motivate them to take action. We customize web content with YOUR readers in mind — engaging and fun, technical and informative or somewhere in between — whatever the tone, the content we produce is well-optimized, well-researched and actionable. Each web page comes with recommended key word, title tag and meta description so your Web site will be search engine optimized from day one.

Survey/Case Study Impact Report

In today’s modern, online world, original, link worthy, authority content is essential. We source original information via polls and surveys, write an original case study, and then publish it in a professional PDF with a 3D cover.  


Slideshows are used to communicate complex processes, sales messages, and how-to’s. In addition, with the help of Slideshare, slideshows are becoming a powerful tool to help SEO ranking. Based on existing content either provided by your company or based on existing content written by Codey, we will create at 10-page slideshow published on Slideshare with search engine optimized titles and descriptions and tags for enhanced visibility within Slideshare.