About Codey Communications

Founded in 1999, Codey Communications offers SEO public relations and content marketing services. Codey leverages its 15+ years of public relations and writing experience coupled with SEO techniques that uses quality content to earn credible links to help both established and start-up companies get noticed in today’s competitive digital world. Our clients span numerous vertical markets such as consumer goods, manufacturing, accounting and tax services, software and hardware, retail and healthcare

Why are we different?

  • Public relations + SEO techniques:  Codey’s unique approach meets the dual purpose of increasing search engine ranking, and grabbing the attention of important media and blog influencers.
  • Storytellers at heart: we don’t just tell your story, we help you create the story.
  • Client limits:  we don’t take on too many clients so we provide focused attention.
  • Flexible business model:  Codey can act as an independent consultant for smaller projects or morph into a full PR or marketing team for ongoing services or bigger projects so companies can scale their PR and marketing activity up or down, without having to hire a new agency or consultant for each new project.
  • Founder works on every client account to ensure consistent results.


The Team

At the heart of Codey Communications is our experienced team. Heading up the Codey team is Aimee L. Quemuel.

Aimee L. Quemuel With 20+ years of marketing, writing, public relations and SEO experience, Aimee Quemuel acts as both the strategist and day-to-day contact for clients and is the founder of Codey Communications. Specializing in fast-growth companies often characterized by limited resources, Aimee is skilled at devising creative ways to achieve maximum results at a cost effective price point. A results driven practitioner, Aimee has facilitated dozens of key relationships for her clients resulting in thousands of articles, analyst reports and speaking engagements. In addition to PR experience, Aimee is an experienced marketer having acted as the interim VP of Marketing for many of her start up clients.

Throughout her career, she has managed PR and marketing programs for dozens of clients such as: Aceva; Accrue Software, Inc; Central Desktop; Informix, Inc., Oracle Corp.; Nokia, Inc.; AlphaBlox Corp.; AuctionWatch, Inc.; @TheMoment, Inc.; BigMachines, Inc.; BigVine, Inc.; CenterBeam, Inc.; Entopia, Inc.; E-Stamp Corporation; Maxager; North Solutions; Pilot Software; ShopIgniter; Synacor, Inc; SupportSoft; Thomson Reuters; TopDown Consulting; WebEx Communications; VirtuOz; and Vengroff, Williams and Associates. Prior to her career in PR and marketing, Aimee worked for Global Sports, a sports marketing firm; KCSN radio, where she was awarded the coveted Golden Mike Award for excellence in reporting; and KADY Television.

A true believer in work life balance, in addition to her work, Aimee is an avid runner; organic consumer; dog lover and animal rights advocate; and practices meditation and yoga. She is also the author of “The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer” and founder of FightDogCancer.com. In addition, she is an active community member having volunteered at numerous organizations including The Forever Friends Golden Retriever Rescue; the Search Dog Foundation; Other Avenues; the San Francisco SPCA; Pet’s Unlimited; and The Big Brother/Big Sister program.

She currently resides in the beach town of Ventura, CA with her husband, and her kids (both human and canine).